Nov 28

R8: Design in the Real World

Do you think your project would benefit from a real world deployment? Why or why not? What obstacles and opportunities are there for design in the world and with participants related to your project?

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Nov 15

R7: Discount Techniques

Which of the “discount” techniques do you like best? Why? In what way could you use it in your own research, work, projects, etc.?

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Nov 08

R6: Brainstorming

Think about a time you have had a good experience with brainstorming and a time you have had a bad experience with it. Using the readings, explain what you think went well and what didn’t go well in those experiences. Be Specific!!!

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Nov 01

R5: Sketching

What lessons can be gleaned from your readings to explain why certain sketches were more successful than others in your past several sketching assignments? What  techniques will you use going forward?

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Oct 25

R4: User Research Case Studies

How do you see the techniques in the papers you have read relate to the techniques you are using in your projects?

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Oct 19

R3: Ethnography and Contextual Inquiry

What are the differences and similarities in ethnography, contextual inquiry, and design ethnography? When would you use each?

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Oct 14

R2: Design and Usability from DFAB

Comment on the design and usability principles in the DFAB chapters. What do you agree with? Think is useful? What is missing? Out of date?

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Oct 02

Sketching Themes Posted

Hi everyone,


The sketching topics are posted on the “assignments” page. You will see that they can be open-ended, broadly themed, or quite specific depending on the week.


 S1: Open-ended: Sketch three new improvements or design ideas to any problem you want

 S2: Theme: Health: Sketch three ideas relating to health, wellness, rehabilitation, therapy, exercise, nutrition, etc.

 S3: Theme: Recreation, Fitness & Sports: Sketch three ideas relating to playing sports, moving your body, exercising, spectator sports, outdoor activities, etc.

 S4: Specific: Mobile Phone Re-use: Using today’s Huang & Truong reading as your user re-search, sketch three ideas for how you might re-use recycled cell phones

 S5: Specific: Your Project: sketch three ideas for solutions to your team project’s design ques-tion based on your own user research

 S6: Theme: Education: Sketch three ideas related to class lectures, assignment turn-ins, elementary school education, classroom designs, special education, etc.

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Oct 02

R1: Interactions and Paradigms

Given what you read in DFAB, what do you think of the evolution of computing interaction models? What do you think is the next wave? (Note: these questions took 25 words…. so that means, your response to my post should be around 10 to 20 times as long at the most… which is not much text. Don’t overdo it :) )

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Sep 13


Welcome to Informatics 231 for the fall quarter! I am excited for a great class this year. Please check this website regularly for updates to course content and to post your reading reflections.

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