Department of Informatics
Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
University of California, Irvine

Note: I have moved down the hall!

5084 Donald Bren Hall
gillianrh [at]

Phone: 949.824.1483
Fax: 949.824.4056

Finding my office:

First, follow the campus directions to reach UCI. You’re headed for Bren Hall/CS3 (building 314, grid E6 on the map) and the closest lot is 12B. (Note: Look for Bren Hall, not the Bren Event Center, which is on the other side of campus.)

If you’re coming from the north, your best bet is to take the 405 to the 73, then take 73 south; get off at Bison, which is the last exit before it becomes a toll road. At the top of the off-ramp, take a left onto Bison. Follow Bison onto the campus, and take the second right onto East Peltason. The entrance to lot 12B the first left turn after Bison, just after you crest the hill (there’s a left-turn lane, but no light or stop sign.)

If you’re coming from the south on the 73, get off at the Bison exit, and take a right onto Bison and onto the campus, then follow the directions above.
If you’re coming from the south on the 405, then get off at Culver. Turn left onto Culver and follow it until you reach Campus (after University and Harvard). Take a right onto Campus, and, at the second light, a left onto East Peltason. Follow East Peltason around to the south side of the campus; the entrance to lot 12B will be on your right after a stop sign at Los Trancos.

You’ll need to get a parking permit. You can pick one up from the any of the parking structures. I’ve arrange a permit for you, so you should just be able to give your name and they’ll give you one. The closest parking structure is the “Engineering Parking Structure” also known as “Anteater Parking Structure” on East Peltason between Gabrielino and Anteater (marked ICS/ENG on the campus map, E7). The map shows the entrance at Gabrielino, but you can also enter at Anteater and that is going to be your best bet for picking up a permit from an actual human. That human should then direct you to the other side of the garage, which is the closest to the exit you want to use to get close to Bren Hall.

Bren Hall is next to the new Engineering building that looks just like it and has Java City Coffee between them.  The building is shaped in an L facing that kiosk. The entrance to the building is at the inside of the L. As you come past the first wing of the building, you should turn right. The entrance to the building is a door at the base of this stairway. Go through the doorway and into the lobby on the right. Turn left to find the elevators (they will be on the left again) and take one to the fifth floor.

Turn right on exiting the elevator (it’s the only way to go) and then immediate left down the corridor. You will see an open room with plants in it. That is the “Technology Garden.” When you reach it, take a left and follow the corridor. You will more or less dead end into a small conference room and be forced to take a left. After you do so, I am the first door on the right (5084).