Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Cake

It was Warner’s first birthday a few weeks ago. He woke me up vomiting, and the whole family proceeded to have the stomach flu for the next week (in waves). So… we had his birthday party on a bit of a delay. Happily, it was a lovely event, and the hat cake turned out really well. In the chaos, I forgot to take many pictures of the step by step process, but there are some:

This was my first attempt at a multi-tiered cake (including dowels and all the rest). I started out with a basic 9 inch red velvet as the bottom layer (the brim of the hat). The next layer was also red velvet but this time made from a 3in by 6in pan. The next layer on that was a gluten free chocolate (we recently went gluten free, so this was a bit of an experiment). The final, top layer, was made of yellow cake (but died red). They were all frosted with a crumb layer of cream cheese frosting, and then I laid in fondant on top. Sadly, I didn’t have enough fondant to drape the whole cake, so it got a bit tricky with individual stripes :)

Happily, a Seuss hat is quite forgiving, so my general lopsidedness worked out alright.

The top is a sugar sheet with red swirls on top of a cream cheese frosting. We stored the finished cake in the garage overnight to keep it cool, because it wouldn’t fit in any of the refrigerators!

And here is the birthday boy with his cake (it may actually be bigger than he is!)
I am pretty sure it weighed more.
And some more fun pictures from the party.  Our menu was all “green eggs and ham” inspired.
(the cakes were all yummy! Here they are disassembled)