Garbage Truck

My kids LOVE garbage trucks. So, of course, we had to have a garbage truck themed birthday party, complete with cake. Here is evidence of their love for garbage trucks. I made a homemade truck from where else but Pinterest:

Boys in homemade garbage truck


Here are the two cakes looking a bit rough. The main body was vanilla and the cab was chocolate. Both were covered in a vegan buttercream that I like to make, because it melts less than real buttercream.

carving the front of the truck rough cake



And the carving of course:

IMG_5696truck bits

Next step, drape the cab and body in fondant:

draping the truck in fondantmain body of truck covered


I spent the most time on the accents, including making some awesome chrome pieces (thank you Michaels for having a spray thing so I didn’t have to go to the trouble to mix silver dust and vodka)

wheels and accentswaste management logo modifiedthe nearly finished truck

Most amusing to me by far were the trash bags (cake balls covered in black fondant).

trash bag cake balls

And the completed truck:

completed truckAnd two very happy birthday boys!

IMG_5759 IMG_5793