Upcoming Travel:

  • June 25 to 30, HCIC, Watsonville, CA; email should be fine, but I hear cell service is dodgy
  • July 5 to 8, MSR UW conference on accessibility, Somewhere south of Seattle…; not clear on connectivity but expect delays
  • July 18 to 22, Park City UT; terrible cell phone service, delays in email
  • August 10 to 13, Berlin, Max Planck Institute, expect delays in email. I won’t answer my phone.
  • August 30 to September 3, Sicily, Jacobs Foundation meeting, expect delays in email. I won’t answer my phone.
  • September 19 to September 23, MHCID Intensive Course. I will be in Irvine but VERY busy.

If you need to schedule time with me, please check my schedule embedded below: