Social Media

I decided to start tweeting. I know, I know… that’s so 2006. Or as Jed would say “the apocalypse is nigh.” In actuality, a couple of things have spurred this decision. First, I have for the last couple of years served as the Director of Technology Research for the Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. In this position, I am often asked to recommend technologies, trainings, and programs. I also often share information about the same that I find online. Additionally, I have the pleasure of running events like the Autism AppJam. So, I would like to draw attention to these events, resources, and information. In this role, I will be tweeting as @autismtech. Similarly, I have just been appointed the Faculty Director for Civic and Community Engagement at UCI, and I will be creating social media presence for engagement activities on campus very soon. Finally, to reduce confusion (or perhaps add to it), I decided if I was going to have all these role-related Twitter accounts, I may as well have one for me. To that end, I will be tweeting as @gillianrhayes. For you identity and social media scholars out there, have fun with all these accounts. For everyone else, I hope the information I put out there is helpful. And no, I am still not on Facebook, and you won’t be able to find my super secret Pinterest account.