Very Hungry Caterpillar


For W1’s second birthday, I wanted to do another book theme, so I went with the very hungry caterpillar. I got the idea online. Ah the internet… what did people do before? What the very talented CocoCakes did not tell me is just how much green food coloring would be on my hands for days after. That may of course also be because I made two sets of cupcakes. For W1’s school party, I made mini-cupcakes with a full sized cupcake for the head. For our home party, I made full sized cupcakes with a small cake for the head. I didn’t take many pics (its just cupcakes after all), but the ones I have are here.

For making the mini caterpillar, I used a lot of green buttercream and our handy board book as a model:

IMG_4719 IMG_4720 IMG_4724

For the bigger guy, I figured a nice fondant covering on his head would be nice:

IMG_4727 IMG_4736

And here is the final version, complete with legs for the party. And of course, the happy boy digging into his giant caterpillar head:

IMG_4776 IMG_4803